Valentine’s Ribbon Art

Valentine's Ribbon Art

It’s heart-tastic in our house at the moment! We’ve been using hearts to practice numeracy and adding up skills and now it’s time to do some creating ♥

Bowl of Ribbons
Bowl of ribbons

I have a box full of random pieces of ribbon that I collect. I took a bunch of ribbons, placed them in a bowl and left out an invitation to create for the children.

I set out the following: a bowl of ribbons, a cardboard cut-out heart, a pair of scissors and some glue.

Valentine's Ribbon Art
Invitation to create

Miss 6 and Mr 8 quickly started cutting, glueing, adding their own little touches and sprinkling a good dose of glitter everywhere… The Elmer’s glue did make things a little messy and perhaps with hindsight, I might have used pritt stick instead!

Glueing ribbons to their cardboard hearts
Let’s get glueing!

It took very little time to prep the activity and they were both very pleased with their final pieces! 

Heart Ribbon Art
Final artwork!

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