Keepsake Subway Art Poster

I have always loved the pretty subway art posters that you find all over Pinterest – holiday themed ones, Christmas, Halloween, Birthdays. A few years ago I decided to have a go at creating one myself for our new playroom. Well after (literally!) several hours of toiling in Word (yes, I know… Word?!), I threw in the towel and phoned my very talented 3D artist brother for some help. Within about 10 minutes he called me back – hey your poster is winging its way to you, check your email! It was perfect 🙂 Well luckily since then I have discovered Picmonkey – woohoo – I love Picmonkey!! You can do all kinds of fun editing stuff on their site – not just photo editing but poster creation, facebook covers, logo design. Check it out!

I have had an idea in my head for a while and I have finally got round to doing it. You know how your children say all these cute things and you try really hard to keep a record of them? Well I have this little physical notebook that I keep and then I lose and then I find again. I never quite manage to write down all the funny things they say but whenever I get a chance, I simply love rereading their funny words and sayings. It makes me smile inside and takes me back to that special time – when ‘tomatoes were known as ‘bamatoes’, when ‘Grandpa’ was know as ‘Bama’.

So I figured, why not turn all these cute sayings into a keepsake subway art poster. I logged into picmonkey and within about 15 minutes I had created this:

Keepsake Subway Art Poster

I’ve also made one for Mr 8 🙂 Next, I will print them out, frame them and display them.

These are some of the little things Miss 6 has said during the course of her 6 years on this planet. Every saying brings back a memory and means something very personal to our wee family. We always laugh when we hear her saying ‘Look at the wizard’. We thought we had the most magical garden and a child with a vivid imagination when we heard our daughter point and say ‘look at the wizard’ until we realized that she was actually pointing at a lizard!

These little moments are priceless so make sure you treasure them and why not have a go at creating your own keepsake subway art.

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