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Photo Scavenger Hunt for Kids – Dordogne

Forget museum quizzes, treasure hunts and audio guides – why not try something completely different? If you have slightly reluctant travellers who are dragging their feet as you visit yet another chateau, museum or prehistoric cave, why not present them with a photo scavenger hunt! Make them the master of their own experience.

On a recent trip to a museum, Mr 9 was decidedly unimpressed when I presented him with a fun little quiz I’d picked up at the visitor desk and he made it very clear that he was not interested in filling in said quiz… Funnily enough, I totally got it! He wanted to take things in… at his own pace and explore what interested… him. It got me thinking and when we got back home, I did a search for scavenger hunts on the internet and by chance came across the idea of a photo scavenger hunt. I really liked the idea of that! Now and again, we let Mr 9 loose with my DSLR camera and he has a wonderful time – truly being present and in the moment – he suddenly pays very close attention to his surroundings and the camera allows him to capture the experience through his own lens (see what I did there 😉 ?). So I prepared this scavenger hunt with a trip to the Dordogne in mind, however, it could easily be adapted to other destinations – the seaside, the mountains, a particular country, etc.

Photo Scavenger Hunt for Kids - Dordogne

Why not try it with YOUR kids? If you’re planning a visit to the Dordogne, print out this pdf document and let them borrow your camera (perhaps they already have one of their own) or your phone. They will enjoy ticking off the various items on the scavenger hunt list and they might even produce some amazing keepsake pics in the process.

Click on this link to download your own copy: photo-scavenger-hunt-dordogne

I’d love to hear your feedback so do leave a message in the comments if your kids use this scavenger hunt!

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