Miró Style – Blindfolded Drawing!

This is one of these activities that literally took under 5 minutes to set up and was such a GREAT unexpected hit!

Miro Set up

We have so many wonderful children’s art books, including The Art Book for Children and whilst flicking through it, I was drawn to the page on Miró. It mentioned that “Joan Miró’s art teacher once asked him to try drawing simple shapes, like circles, rectangles, stars and triangles, wearing a blindfold.”

This sounded like a fun activity for the children and it certainly made a wee change from the usual pen and paper drawing!

I set out the following items:

  • A blank piece of A3 sheet of paper (A4 is fine too, however, a larger sheet gives them more space to experiment)
  • Some coloured felt tip pens
  • A scarf

Miro set up 2a

Miss 5 and Mr 8 were rather intrigued when they saw the set up and were eager to find out what it was all about. I duly blindfolded them and we set off to play! They absolutely loved it and were very pleased with their creations.

Miro Collage 3a

Some of our drawing suggestions included ‘‘bird’, ‘sun’, ‘spider’, ‘house’, ‘heart’, ‘tree’, ‘eye’. They were also very keen for Mummy to have a go and I can confirm that it was indeed rather fun. They were so encouraging, it was heart-warming.

Miro - drawings

I love Mr 8’s house above!

So if you have a spare 5 minutes, why not set this up for your children – a welcome break before they sit down to do their homework, or whilst you’re preparing dinner or perhaps as a calming wind down activity before bed-time.

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