Marble Painting

Let your child create a modern art masterpiece!

Try out a simple activity involving marbles, paint and a tray!

Marble Painting

Miss 5 set this up all by herself whilst I was busy tidying up – I love that it was completely self-directed! She had done this at pre-school and so I discovered a little of what she gets up to during her days in class. I also loved that the method didn’t involve too much mess…

First of all, squeeze a blob of paint into an artist’s palette and place the marbles individually into each space.

As you can see, Miss 5 did some floor redecorating at the same time ;-)
As you can see, Miss 5 did some floor redecorating at the same time 😉

Place a piece of paper or card into a suitable container – you could use a plastic tub, an old baking tray, etc.

marbles in paint tray

Then place the marbles on the paper and get rolling! Look at all the pretty patterns that emerge from the movement.

marble rolling on paper

Miss 5 enjoyed doing the marble rolling whilst sitting down and standing up too. There is the added challenge of ensuring the marbles stay in the tray! 

marble painting in action

Aren’t the colours and patterns pretty??

arty paper

You can have lots of fun with this – try different colours, perhaps by theme: red and greens for Christmas; oranges, reds, yellows for the autumn; blues, whites, sparkles for winter, etc. You can then use the pretty paper to make delightful homemade cards for instance.

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