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Create your own Top Trumps!

We had a delightful family stay in our gite (holiday cottage) a couple of summers ago and their son had brought along his own set of home-made top trump cards, a set of Monster Top Trump cards. Mr 7 and this lovely 9 year old had lots of fun playing against each other during the course of our guests’ stay. Mr 7 thought this was a wonderful idea and set off to make his own set. A year or so later, his set has become a little tatty and dog-eared, and I decided it would be fun to start over again with a fresh set.

Create your own top trumps - cover

Create card template
Create a card template
Top trumps set up
Top Trumps set up

I used a card from another card game as a model and traced around to create a new set. Mr 8 and I then cut them out together and decided on a name for this set – again, Monster Top Trumps came out favourite. Cut out the cardsI then set up the activity for both Mr 8 and Miss 5 – all we needed were some pens, felt-tip pens, a ruler and some templates to customise. Next we decided on the categories we would include in our cards:

  • Speed
  • Ugliness
  • Strength

They got to work and created some pretty gruesome monsters and once, they were all finished, I laminated them and hey presto, we were ready to play! Mr 8 has had lots of fun playing with them against his Dad.

Monster cards
Oops, looks like Mr 8 forgot to use the ruler!

They would make a really fun present to make for another sibling or young relative. You could create sets in lots of different themes – cars, princesses, etc. They are also great for practising numeracy, writing and spelling skills – not to mention getting those creative juices flowing!

They are also fun to play on long travel journeys!

P.S. Click on this link if you would like instructions on how to play the game.


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