Number Stones and Sequencing Practice

Miss 6 has been having some trouble with her numbers and her teacher recently asked that we practice number sequencing at home. We had previously collected lots of small pebbles from the river and so we dug them out. Miss 6 got to work writing out numbers from zero to 30 on the pebbles.


Frozen Reading Machine

The Magical Wonders of Reading! Miss 5 has just started primary school and has been learning how to read. For a little while I have been pondering how to help her learn words that can’t be spelled out phonetically – sight words.


Naked Egg Science Experiment

Wow, this was LOTS of fun!! We came across the naked egg experiment on this blog recently and decided to have a go ourselves. It’s very simple – all you need is an egg, a container and white vinegar (and a small dose of patience ;-).

Create, Learn

Alphabet Photo Book

Why not make a personalised alphabet photo book for your child? They will LOVE it and will be keen to keep practising sounding out letters and words whilst flicking through the pages of their very own personalised book.