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Practise those tricky words with a Disney Frozen Reading Machine!
Create a Disney Frozen Reading Machine

The Magical Wonders of Reading!

Miss 5 has just started primary school and has been learning how to read. For a little while I have been pondering how to help her learn words that can’t be spelled out phonetically – sight words.

I recalled this fantastic Alphabet Sound Machine that Anna from the Imagination Tree had created for her girls (check out her site, it is packed full of amazing ideas for making learning fun) and decided to explore a little further.

Probably like most five year olds, Miss 5 absolutely LOVES Frozen (or la Reine des Neiges as it’s called here in France) and I decided this would be a sure winner and guess what? It most definitely is!

Cue – time to make a Frozen Reading Machine! I set about gathering all the materials I was going to need and started to have some fun. It took me about 40 minutes to get everything prepped and it was time well spent.

I covered a lid in tin foil and filled it with white glue. I sprinkled a generous amount of blue glitter on top and set it aside overnight to dry.

Magic Reading Button
Magic Reading Button

Then I covered a shoebox in tin foil and glued the magic reading button onto the top.

Frozen Reading Box
Tada! A Frozen Reading Box!

I got some snowflakes images off the internet and printed several pages worth onto blue paper.

I wrote out words on the cards and cut them out. I deliberately included some words Miss 5 was already familiar with (and that could be sounded out) to give her confidence. I also repeated some of the words several times to drill them even more. I plan to add more words to the collection as we come across them. Mr 8 helped to decorate the snowflakes:

Snowflake decoration
Snowflake decoration

I included a magnifying glass that she could use for trickier words. Here is the reading machine with a few additional props to set the theme.

Reading box & props
Reading box and props

Miss 5 then placed her snowflake words on the top of the machine and pressed the magic button as she said the word out loud. She repeated the word several times when she had some difficulty. And of course, her special magnifying glass helped her decipher the trickier words.

press the button
Press the button
Through the magnifying glass
Through the magnifying glass…
Magnifying glass + magic ring
With a little help from my magnifying glass and magic ring, I can do anything!

She also wore her special power reading ring as you can see!

Magic Ring
Power ring, magic ring!

This morning over breakfast, the machine came out and we were all practicing our French sight words. Miss 5 particularly loved quizzing her Daddy and correcting his pronunciation of French words 😉

Snowflake words

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